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As we close the books on the 1st quarter of 2021, we open them on a new phase of growth we expect to remain sustainable into the foreseeable future. Catalysts for our prognostication include continued progress at the state and federal level, increased acceptance from consumers as well as law enforcement, and impending reform on current industry banking woes.

At MAZAKALI, we continue to solidify our platform eco-system and finesse our market offering with new integrations and products - highlighted below: 

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs): We have integrated SPVs into our platform offerings to provide value to investors, companies and consultants:

  • Investors: Lower minimum investment amounts
  • Companies: Aggregation of investors into a single cap table entry
  • Consultants: Consultants become “Sub-Advisors”, enabling them to raise capital for clients in a legal and compliant manner

Success: We executed our first SPV investment into a Michigan-based licensed producer in March with a portion of our fees received in equity. This model effectively provides diversified private equity exposure to all MAZAKALI investors. 

New Clients: We expect to launch three new SPVs in the first half of the 2nd quarter.   


Investment Banking: New banking clients are taking advantage of healthy capital markets and increased interest in cannabis investment. 

Success: We closed a raise for Sana Packaging, a sustainable packaging solutions company, in Q1. A portion of success fees were received in equity. 


New Clients: 

  • Grow Group PLC (Pre-IPO Series B): Leading UK Medical Cannabis Company, planning an LSE listing in 12-18 months
  • Sohl Holdings (Series A):  SOHL Holdings is a privately held, Humboldt County based holding company with 2020 revenues just shy of $100 million
  • Fast Flower Farms: Michigan based producer with a focus on artisanal cannabis

Partnerships: We executed an MOU with Satori Investment Partners to facilitate $20,000,000 into cannabis-related businesses. We are paid a 10% fee for investments executed with our help, and this partnership alone may provide upside to our current 2021 revenue estimates.  Satori Investment Partners

Research: The MAZAKALI GreenPaper® first launched in 2016 and is now distributed to over 80,000 readers across 60+ countries. We launched a second publication, the MAZAKALI Minute, a micro-dose of information in a one minute read. Our Q1 research has been reprinted by the likes of Benzinga, Cannabis News Wire, Street Insider and Green Entrepreneur. We continue to build on the trust and confidence in us as we highlight our research at speaking opportunities across the globe. 

Team: We are pleased to welcome additional members to our team:

  • Mattjis Naus:  Marketing technology and technology integration consultant, experienced entrepreneur with multiple exits
  • Diane Strauss: Marketing consultant, experienced cannabis entrepreneur
  • Shyra Costas:  Client onboarding and banking due diligence intern
  • Chandlar Strauss: Content research and development intern 

*We are actively seeking a licensed investment banker to support client growth and securities sales. Please share resumes/referrals with

How Can You Help? 

  • InvestmentCapital remains the fuel that drives our growth. Please view our current offering HERE.
  • Introductions: Investors, consultants and advisors
  • Advice: What could we do better?

With Gratitude,


                 Sumit Mehta, Founder and CEO 

Old Ways Rarely Open New Doors

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What MAZAKALI Can Do For You 


MAZAKALI is a Registered Investment Adviser and provides access to direct investment opportunities as well as managed investments such as SPVS (Special Purpose Vehicles), SMAs (Separately Managed Accounts) and third-party funds. 



MAZAKALI is actively seeking to facilitate $20,000,000 of investment into cannabis related businesses with check sizes ranging from $100,000 up to $5,000,000.

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